Breast Reconstruction

If you feel your breast are sagging and have lost the volume, this may not worry you for some time of life. But for once at least, when you want to feel that confidence in your being female, you will think of. You may think of getting firmer breasts as you ever wanted.

Breast reconstruction is an operation used to restore a woman’s breast to a shape and size after mastectomy where entire breast is removed or after lumpectomy where a part of the breast is removed. This can be achieved by either using the patient’s own tissue or using implants (prosthetics). If the nipple and areola (darker area around the nipple) are also removed during the mastectomy, then both can be reconstructed following completion of breast “mound” reconstruction. The primary goal of the initial surgery is to treat breast cancer and at the same time plan for a reconstruction if the patient is a good candidate.

Earlier if ladies even noticed their skin loosing firmness, they didn’t bother much but started with a few workouts to tighten them. They did not have any way out for this. But now, women have become so much aware about things and they don’t want to feel low at any point. So, medical help is the best that could give them some hope and that was breast surgery called that is Breast reconstruction or augmentation. It is a plastic surgery to put implants in the breasts so as to increase the volume and reshape the breasts. It makes a lady feel full by enhancing her looks.

The process for breast reconstruction or breast implantation:

1.) Doctor examines the need of breast reconstruction and the candidate is prepared for a surgery
2.) comfort during the surgical procedure. The choices include intravenous sedation and general anesthesia.

periareolar: along the areola of the breast, just above the fold
inframmary: beneath the breast and above the fold
transaxilary: underneath the arms in the folds of armpits

The incisions help to make a pocket and let the implant to fit on the breast.
While and after recovery:

You may feel sore after the first few days of the surgery. Everybody responds differently, so it may feel different for everyone. After surgery the women have to wear gauze and a support bra.

One should keep in blind that the blood doesn’t clot in the legs.

*There is some discomfort but can be bared and controlled by having medicines.
*You will be allowed to take bath after few days
* You may resume easy works.
* In a few weeks the swelling is gone, exercise can be resumed. Soon you will get desired results.
* If you had a real reason, you will feel wonderful after the breast reconstruction surgery. You
will feel a boost in your self confidence.

What does breast reconstruction entails

For breast reconstruction, the necessities may vary from case to case. These may be examined by the doctor and examiner. But basic points to be considered will shape, size, implant placement and incision options. These all should be explained to the candidate and discussed well before surgery.

Though many females go under knife for breast reconstruction but still there is some percent risk. One should be well informed about it. The doctors should discuss all the complications with its patient. However the decision is really personal but doctor’s recommendation is what shouldn’t be ignored.