Nipple Correction

Inverted Nipple Correction

There is nothing so bad like having an abnormal part of your body when others don’t have. A woman should always have self confidence anytime but a minor disturbance in her body structure can ruin her self-esteem. Women with inverted nipples are not a rare group of people but some of them keep this condition to themselves. The good news is that inverted nipple correction is very possible. This is the process whereby an inverted nipple is easily corrected into the right position or shape rather. Repair of the nipple is always done when the abnormality occurs after breast feeding, trauma or someone was born that way. In some rare cases, nipple inversion could reoccur even after a surgery to repair it had been done. This would still call for a repair of the same nipple through surgical procedure.

Approach Used in Nipple Correction

The surgical procedure used in inverted nipple correction could vary from one doctor to another. The best approach should be that which exclusively takes care of a patient from the time she enters the theatre room until when she is completely healed. The right step is doing the correction and making sure that the repair of the nipple does not create another complication. The projection of the nipples should be retained. The breast should also maintain its own natural looks while living minimal scars. A lady’s confidence is easily gained when this is done.

The Inverted Nipple Correction Process

It is normally done based on an out-patient. You will always have the option of choosing whether to use general anesthesia, local anesthesia, or intravenous sedation. Normally, during the surgery, small incisions would be made at the nipple’s base. This is done when the nipple has been projected in a safe position. To pull the nipple to the right side or rather inward, the fibers are spread evenly and gently. The procedure is done while ensuring that the milk ducts are not disturbed. When the fibers have been put together with the nipple in the right position according to the physician, additional stitches are supposed to be inserted into the nipple. The person doing the surgery will also use sutures on your nipples. Luckily, sutures don’t have to be removed manually as they will dissolve into the body. The doctor will do the procedure basing on his/her knowledge and understanding and the process will be successful more often.

Healing Process

The Inverted Nipple Correction is not a complicated surgery procedure hence one should be certain that the healing time will not be that long. In most cases, when the above has been done, a special which may seem to be the last procedure is performed. A special stent is normally attached in front of your breast to cover up the nipples with the main aim of holding the nipples into their correct position. It also plays the role of ensuring that the treated nipples heal in the right fashion i.e. outward position. The integrity of the healing process and the entire procedure will be realized within a couple of days which could be a week at most.

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